Pinnacle and IT Billing Services

July 2020 – IT Bill in Pinnacle


The July 2020 IT bill has successfully posted in SIMBA, and work is continuing to adjust user permissions to make the details viewable by Account Managers in Pinnacle. If you have access to SIMBA, the bill is viewable and the costs are grouped by service, Penn State IT Services and Equipment.

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The monthly Penn State IT billing statement uses data from the Pinnacle cloud service to create a single monthly statement which combines recurring and one-time charges for Services, Equipment, and Usage. Each online statement provides a summary of charges followed by detailed information.

The billing statement is completed on the last week of the month, except for December, and will automatically charge Penn State budgets. Our IT customers are notified via email when this monthly statement is ready for viewing, exporting, and printing via the Pinnacle cloud service.

Please note that domestic usage on the VoIP telephone system is no longer billed and therefore the call detail for VoIP phone numbers is no longer displayed on the billing statements.  Call Detail Records can only be obtained by contacting the Office of Information Security.

See the links on the right to report trouble with Pinnacle or make requests for access, feature changes, reporting, or to make a change to your budgets. The Penn State IT Service Desk, IT financial partners, and the Pinnacle team are here to serve you.


February 2020

The annual Telecom Access fee has again been billed directly through the Pinnacle application. Prior to 18/19, this fee was a direct entry into IBIS as a budget amendment.

The breakdown of the Infrastructure items that comprise the Telecom AccessFee include:

  • Core Network Services
  • Cabling Infrastructure
  • Access to Commodity Internet2/NLR
  • Intercampus Connectivity

Questions regarding how this annual fee is now processed can be answered by your Financial Officer. Questions regarding the Infrastructure items included can be answered by the Billing team.  Please contact them at ITSCSG@PSU.EDU


October 2019

Effective immediately, Pinnacle users now have a single point of contact to online forms for making requests and for reporting troubleAll submitted forms are able to be tracked for follow-up and efficiency. Visit the Penn State IT Help Portal and search for the Service Forms by using the term “Pinnacle” in the search bar. 

The new Alerts program will inform users of system status; the degradation of the service and its resolution will generate emails to those who subscribe. We strongly recommend that users subscribe to the Alerts program. To learn more about how to subscribe to IT Service Status Alerts for Pinnacle, refer to the Knowledge Base article, Pinnacle – General Information and Support. Scroll down to find the instructions!

Knowledge Base articles have also been updated to provide another support option for users. A good place to begin is Pinnacle- General Information and Support. As you review the Knowledge articles, please share a rating and make comments with your suggestions! We’d love to hear from you.

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