Cellular Service Change/Cancel/Transfer


To cancel service for a device owned by Penn State, select “I would like Cellular assistance” on the Telephony Request form.


Transfer Procedures:

Follow these steps to transfer a University cellular account to a personal account. If eligible for an equipment upgrade, complete the upgrades prior to transferring the service to a personal account. If a free device is not selected, the user can use their personal credit card to pay for any expenses incurred.

When porting or changing service providers—keeping your cellular number and changing to another cellular carrier—an early termination fee may apply if there is a remaining term contract on the current service. Note that when porting service, you will need the current billing account number for the line of service being ported.

All University AT&T Wireless and Verizon Wireless accounts are noted that Penn State has approved/authorized the transfer to personal service. The following transfer processes are available:


AT & T Wireless -- Open

  1. The cell phone user wishing to assume responsibility for the business account must call AT&T at 1-888-444-4410 (choose option 2, then option 5) between 8 am and 8 pm EST and provide the following information:
    • Cell phone number
    • Cell phone users name
    • Business name
    • Name of the person who currently receives the monthly statements
    • Cell phone users home address
    • Cell phone users social security number
    • Cell phone users date of birth
    • Cell phone users home and work phone numbers
    • Cell phone users driver’s license number and expiration date of the driver’s license
    • IMPORTANT – Please provide Penn State’s Foundation Account Number 42751 to ensure that the individual account receives the Employee/Sponsorship discount.
    • Please verify that all features are transferred from the University account to the personal account.
  2. A credit check will be completed by AT&T while you wait on the phone.
  3. After the credit check has been completed, the new individual account will be created.


  • No early termination fees should be charged after the service plan is transferred from the business account to the individual account. The $18 transfer fee should also be waived (AT&T Representative should look at the notes).
  • If you are moving on to an existing AT&T account number, you may be told that the two accounts cannot be merged due to different billing systems. You can request that they move all the lines to a new account number.
  • AT&T Wireless Retail Stores can also complete transfers. If the transfer is completed in a retail store, a call to the Transfer of Service department is also required to complete change of responsibility and requires a personal credit check.
  • If you have questions or need assistance, contact (primary) Andres Cuello, 347-885-9763, AC8111@att.com for AT&T Wireless upgrades.

Verizon Wireless -- Open

An existing Verizon Wireless Corporate cell phone user wishing to assume individual responsibility for the business account should select “I would like Cellular assistance” on the Telephony Request form.

If you have any questions or to purchase new Verizon Wireless equipment or service, please contact Breanne Spring, Verizon Wireless, Breanne.Spring@VerizonWireless.com, 412-855-1124; or visit one of the Verizon Wireless Communications Stores.

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