Telephony Service

ENCS offers Telephony Services which includes instruments and infrastructure to support communications between users as well as connection to the public telephone network. Through this service, users located across Penn State are able to place and receive telephone calls.


Service Policies and Information

Replacement of Obsolete VoIP Telephones is Needed in 2020

Work with ENCS by March 31 for incentives, communication integrity, and public safety

The VoIP system is scheduled to undergo system upgrades in 2020, resulting in performance and security improvements for thousands of supported telephones. However, the next system upgrade will have a significant negative impact on customers who are still using unsupported models of VoIP telephones.

Communications were delivered to Financial Officers on January 6 to begin the process of addressing these needs. ENCS will work with coordinators in each area to replace, upgrade,or disconnect the unsupported devices.

Obsolete Device Failures Expected on July 1, 2020

Enterprise Network and Communication Services (ENCS) has completed an audit of installed telephones to determine the location of all unsupported VoIP telephone devices and is ready to replace, upgrade, or disconnect the unsupported phones. We’ll work with a contact of your choice and review the status of the unsupported devices installed in your area.

If you are interested in learning more, please review the VoIP Replacement Plan SharePoint site.

My.VoIP Portal -Voice Communications Self-Service

Voice Communications Self-Service, or My.VoIP, is a set of web-based tools, accessible from your computer or mobile device, that lets you customize how you interact with your Unity voicemail messaging, your VoIP phone settings, your notifications, and more.

These tools are available to all Penn State employees who use a personal Cisco VoIP telephone or Unity voicemail box.  If you’re using these tools when away from the Penn State Network, you’ll need to download and install the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility (VPN) Client.

Visually access and manage your voicemail messages and greetings, reset your PIN, manage your phone’s speed dial programming and call forwarding, access real-time agent and queue statistics (for call-center supervisors), and more, all from the My.VoIP portal at:

On the go? Use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN     

For your computer – – Connecting to Penn State

For your Apple phone – Apple App Store and the Apple iOS AnyConnect User Guide

For your Android phone – Google Play Store and the Cisco Guide for Android Users

More Information   

FAQ’s and Troubleshooting


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