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ENCS will specify a video system and video network for room-based video conference rooms, and advise in situations which require special integration. Videoconferencing services are provided in two functional areas – facilities and systems. In the facilities area, we will advise the customer on recommendations for the layout and design of a physical space to be used with conferencing equipment. We will also evaluate an existing space which is being considered for use as a conferencing room. Our evaluation of an existing space will result in either a qualification of the room as “suitable”, with a list of necessary modifications, or we will eliminate the room as a viable candidate for a system. In the system area, we will specify a system that will work appropriately in a qualified room and will also include in the design any desired peripheral equipment from the ENCS approved peripheral equipment list. ENCS will also install and maintain the physical system equipment.

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Equipment End-of-Life Information

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Service Policies and Information

End-of-Life Transitions for Polycom Conference Equipment

If you manage Polycom conference equipment and have not corresponded with ENCS about the following changes yet, please reach out to Todd Plummer ( or 863-5411):

  • The Polycom bridge infrastructure will be retired on June 30, 2020
  • HDX-model Polycom equipment is nearing end of life

The Polycom bridge infrastructure is aging, so we’re switching to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) connections. To continue using any model of Polycom conference equipment, contact Todd Plummer to arrange a VoIP connection.

Polycom support for HDX models next fiscal year (2020/2021) won’t include software updates, and Polycom can’t guarantee that security issues and hardware problems will be fixed. So, ENCS does not recommend continuing vendor support for HDX after this fiscal year. Also, if a security risk is identified, affected units will need to be disconnected and removed from the network.

For additional info, see this knowledge article, End-of-Life Transitions for Polycom Conference Equipment – 2020.


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